[Best Working] 6 Tricks To Use Free JIO 4G SIM In All 3G Phones (Updated+Video)


Use Free JIO 4G SIM In All 3G Phones

Jio 4G SIM In 3G Phone  – Trick To Use Reliance Free JIO 4G SIM In All 3G Phones With Mediatek And Qualcomm Processors (Full Working Guide)

Update :- New Method Added To Use Jio 4G SIM in 3G Phone Check Trick No.6 

People Are Doing JIO JIO All the way and All The Day After Launching Of Free JIO Preview Offer, Even We Got The Confirmed News That JIO Can Extend Its JIO Preview Offer to One Year for LYF Devices

4G Phone Enabled Devices Are Getting Official JIO Support As JIO is Adding More and More Device Manufacturer In The Official Devices Supported List

Must ReadHow to Activate Jio Prime Membership From Myjio App & Jio Website

Trick To Use Free JIO 4G SIM In All 3G Phones (Working Guide)

Nowadays We can Easily Get Free JIO SIM With Any 4G Device With Official And UnOfficial Ways to Enjoy Free JIO 4G Premium Services Like JIO On Demand, JIOJOIN , JIOLIVE Etc. But Every Problem Is For 3G Device Holders As They Cant Do anything In This Situations.

We are Getting Lots Of Daily Queries Like:

How to Use JIO sim in 3G Device?

How to Run JIO 4G in 3G Phones?

Will JIO 4G SIM will Work in My 3G Phone Or Not?

Will JIO SIM Work In My Galaxy E7 ?

How to Run JIO SIM 4G in 3G Phones?

or Like I have Got The JIO SIM but its Not Working In my 3G device, etc. etc.

After Getting This Loads Of Queries Everyday I Have Been Promised To Write a One Stop Guide To Use Reliance JIO 4G SIM In Any 3G Phones.

All Your Queries And Questions Will Be answered In This One Stop Post, Just Requested To Read The Post Carefully Before Questioning AnyThing.

Well Lets Get Started, To Run The JIO 4G SIM In 3G Phone You Need Free JIO SIM First Right? So, Follow This

How To Get Free JIO SIM From 3G Device Phone 

**To Run The Jio Sim in 3G phone You need Jio Sim and You have to get The Jio Sim First From Nearest Reliance JIO Store After Following Below Process.( Unlock Full trick By Using Any Share button)

Below Is JIO Barcode Generation Process ( Like Any Button to Unlock) Will Work In Every 3G/4G Phones
1.) First of All You need To Download Old MYJIO Apk From Here


** Latest MYJIO App will Not Work As Reliance Have Corrected Some Bugs

2.) Now Open The MyJIO app and Download All The JIO Apps Something Like 10 Apps

3.) Now After Downloading All The JIO APPS Now Clear The Data Of MYJIO APP

4.) Swith Off The Internet DATA

5.) Open Myjio app >> Click Open Button Beside MYJIO ( Your Net Should Be Off)

6.) You can See ” GET JIO SIM ” Option in Next Page

7.) Open The Internet Data and Instantly Click On ” GET JIO SIM ” >> Complete Whole Process In Next

8.) Cool !! You have Got the Barcode !!

9.) Go to JIO Store, Show The Barcode and Get The  Free JIO SIM

Still getting Trouble for getting Free JIO SIM ?

Now You have Got The Free JIO SIM With Your 3G device Now Its Time To RUN JIO SIM IN 3G Phone

How to Use JIO 4G SIM in 3G Phones

Mediatek Devices

This Guide will Work In Mediatek Chipset Devices Only, You can Go to Phone Setting >> About Phone >> CPU to check Whether Your Phone With Mediatek chipset Or not

1.) first Of All Download And Install MTK Engineering Mode app in your Mediatek device

Click Here To Download


**Just Know:-This MTK MODE App allows you to run Advanced Setup Like SERVICE MODE Of Your Phone Which Is Not Directly Accessible,

So Use the secret menu very Very carefully,Something Wrong Can Brick Your Android Device if you don’t know what you are doing then don’t do it!!

2.) Now Open the MTK Engineering Mode app

3.) Now Just Click on MTK Settings and Then Select Preferred Network Option.

4.) Now From many Network Modes Just Select 4G LTE/WCDMA/GSM as network mode

5.) save The Settings and reboot your device

6.) After Doing All Above Steps , put Your JIO 4G SIM on your 3G phone

Do Remember– You have to use Already activated JIO SIM

7.) Within Few Minuites, you will get JIO Network Means Now You can Use JIO SIM In This 3G Phone

8.) You Will Get Only 3G Speed As Your Phone is Not True 4G Phone You have just Tweaked It As 4G and Made JIO SIM Recognise Your 3G phone as 4G Device

9.) Done Enjoy Unlimited Free JIO 4G Internet

How to Use JIO 4G SIM in 3G Phones Mediatek Devices- VIDEO

How to Use JIO 4G SIM in 3G Phones-2

Qualcomm Devices (Unconfirmed Trick)

1.) First Of All Just Download The Shortcut Master Lite App

Click Here To Download

2.) Now Install Out the Shortcut Master

Just Know:-Use the secret menu very Very carefully,Something Wrong Can Brick Your Android Device if you don’t know what you are doing then don’t do it!!

3) Go To Menu in Shortcut Master And Search for “ Service Menu ” Or ” Engineering Mode “

4.) To get The Best Results Just Select “System App” Option. If Found then open it and access to change LTE Bands If that doesn’t work,

5) Once You Got the Engineering Mode , Open It and Select Change LTE Bands.

6) If the above Doesn’t Work Then Dial *#2263# then Select Menu And Click Back Again Then Select Menu.

7) Then Go To Key Input And Enter “0000” without quotes, Then Wait For Couple Of Seconds ,after that You Will Get Popup.

8) Select UE Settings From that Popup, after that Select setting > protocol > NAS > Network Control > Band Selection > LTE Band > The Select “Band 40”.

9) Now you can Insert Jio Sim & Check Whether You Are Getting Signals Or Not.

10) Restart the Device and Place it in First Slot

Done Enjoy Unlimited Free JIO 4G Internet

You Will Get Only 3G Speed As Your Phone is Not True 4G Phone You have just Tweaked It As 4G and Made JIO SIM Recognise Your 3G phone as 4G Device

So Guys This Is The methods To RUN JIO SIM in 3G Phones Do Check and Revert me Back If You are getting any Trouble while Doing Above Procedures

How to Use JIO 4G SIM in 3G Phones-3

If You are not getting Free Jio 4G in 3G Phones By above Methods Then You have to Follow This Method, If You are Having Some compatible phone Then This Method Will Also Work In Phone.

This Trick Will Work In Stock Android or Pure Android ROM Like Cynogenmod,Resurrection remix Rom etc.

  1. Go to Your Phone Dialer and Dial This *#*#4636#*#*

2. You will get Screen Named ” testing “

3. Click On First Option  Named ” Phone Information “

4. Scroll Down Below And You can See ” Set Preferred Network Type “

5. You can See Many Options There , You have to Select Option having LTE Option

6. You can Also Select LTE/GSM/CDMA option

7. Select this and Reboot Your Device

8. Now Put Your JIO 4G sim in First Slot

9. Boot Back into Phone and Wait for 3G Jio Network It can take Upto 30 Mins

10. Done , Enjoy Unlimited Free JIO 4G

How to Use JIO 4G SIM in 3G Phones-4

(1) First of all you need to download Xorware 2G/3G/4G Switcher & Xorware 2G/3G/4G Interface App. You have to download This both apps Links Below

Xorware 2G/3G/4G Switcher

Xorware 2G/3G/4G Interface App

(2) Now Then Open Xorware interface App, it will help you choose the network settings.

(3) After that Select Network Mode to 4G/LTE.

(4) Click on Apply to select Changes.

(5) Now Switch Off Your Device and Put Your Free Jio Sim in First Slot and Wait For Jio Network In Your 3G Device.

(6) That’s it now you can use Reliance Jio 4G Sim in 3G Phone.

How to Use JIO 4G SIM in 3G Phones-Trick 5

Trick To Use Jio 4G SIM in Redmi 1s Like Devices

This Trick Is Based on Tricks Number 2 *#*#4636#*#*

If You have 3G Devices Like Redmi 1s which is Snapdragon Device (Out dated ) and You are getting Trouble Using Qualcomm Trick Then This Trick Will Work Best in Your Device.

You must have Xiaomi Redmi 1s Or Same Qualcomm Chipset Devices

  1. First Of All Just Go to Your Phone Dialler and Dial This Number In Dialler *#*#4636#*#*

2. After That Just Scroll Down Below and You can see  ” Phone Information “

3. Then Just Select ” Set Preferred Network Type “

4. You can See Many Options There , You have to Select Any Option having LTE Option

5. You can Also Select LTE/GSM/CDMA option

6. Select this and Reboot(Restart) Your Device

7. Now Put Your JIO 4G sim in First Slot Which is Mostly 3G Ready

8. Boot Back into Phone and Wait for 4G Jio Network It can take Upto 30 Mins

9.  This Jio 4G in 3G Device Trick will Work as Your Phone Will Believe That You are Using 3G SIM and Thus You will Get Jio Network In Your Phone

How to Use JIO 4G SIM in 3G Phones-Trick 6

Use Jio 4G Internet In 3G Phone With Jio JioFi2 Wireless M2 Router

If You Have 3G Phone And Your Are Unable to Use Above Mentioned 5 Tricks Due to Your Old Aged Processors Then You can Still Use Jio 4G In Your 3G Phone With Small Investment

Yes , You Just Have to Buy Jio JioFi2 Wireless From Amazon And You can Connect Almost 10 3G Phones With 1 Router , Like You can Connect Your Whole Family’s Android 3G Phones With 1 JioFi2 4G Router And You All Will 4G Speed in 3G Phone

  • Price Of Router Is – Rs.1998 ( Still Better Instead Of Buy another 4G Phone )

Watch This Official Reliance Jio Video About Jio 4G In 3G Phone

Use Free JIO 4G SIM In All 3G Phones


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  1. jio dont support 3g network for calling…how we active jio sim in 3g device????
    If i activate jio sim in other 4g device and then put it in my 3g device then will it run???

    • Even Jio Not support 4G Network For calling Its Only Support “VoLTE” Somhow You can Use JIONJIO App for calling and SMS purpose.
      You can Use Any Activated JIO SIM in 3G Device with Above Mentioned tricks

      • currently i am using samsung e5 which is a 3g device but i am not getting the menu option when i am dialling *#2263# please help to crack this

      • John,
        I have tried and I got the LTE option in my htc desire 816 dual handset and as per your instructions after the setting I restarted my phone and put the sim in 1st slot but still jio sim is not getting network. I waited till 5 to 7 hrs but still there is no network. Pls advise what can I do here to get this sim supportable for my handset as I have already activated this sim on my brother 4g handset

  2. I have lava IF60 android containing mediatek chipset.
    I am eager to know that if I have got jio sim on above told procedure ,but when I will insert my jio sim in my mobile ,I have only 3G network mode ,not 4G mode.
    How will I be able to get the connection on 4G network via 3G handset.
    Please reply

  3. I’ve Jio sim from my lyf mobile,
    When I try to use this sim in my LENOVO A7000(4G) It’s data Net not working,
    I’ve downloaded all 11 Jio app in my phone still not working,…
    Any trick for me?

  4. Dear plz help me,I used the Intex aqua star 5.0 .I have a jio sim,can I used jio sim in my mobile with jio offer…
    I think you have any trick of use ..plz tell me.tnx(raj)

  5. I have redmi 1s phone qualcomm device.. i search for engineering mode n also service menu….i dont get. Both of option….so can u help me ….i got jio sim….but.. .now i have to use it in my 3g mobile

  6. Comment: when i show bar code to outlet store…is it require 4G device to show them??? and tell me that should i activate Jio sim by 3G device?

  7. Hello i am using micromax unite 2 mediatek chipset
    When i am selecting 4g/lte option
    It is automatically coming on wcdma i am unable to select the lte option plz help

  8. I hv Micromax a102 rooted ..I followed all steps but I m not getting LTE or 4g option in network selection in engineering mode.I am only getting wcdma . gsm etc no dropdown menu for 4g ..what should I do now…

  9. 1.) can i activate jio 4g on 3g phone using above trick???

    2:) is root is compulsory to use above tricks????

    Plzzz reply admin!!!

  10. I have downloaded my jio apk frm here and then all app from there ..abd all the tips that u said.bt not getting get jio sim optn in redmi ,2 prime..i think this trick is not working

  11. Bro ….. i had read artical in somewhere … ki aap dusre phone se barcode genret kar ke sim use nhi kar skate kyuki vo imei no track karta he mene j2 ka barcode lekar j7 me sim us kar rha hu but aabhi 7 days ho gye sim me koi singal nhi aa rha he and naa hi altrante no par koi massage aaya so help me frnd

  12. I have generated bar code on samsung 3g moble (Qualcomm Device). Now how can I active my jio sim and can I active the jio sim on my 3g mobile???? Please reply.

  13. Admin,pls solve my problem.
    I have a 3g device from where i got my barcode.then i got a jio sim.now how can i verify my jio sim(televerification)?????? if i verified it from other 4g android and put the sim in my 3g device then it will work in my 3g device?

  14. I am not getting any option like service or engineering mode in Qualcomm device.
    I tried so many times but no option like that as you explained here.
    if there is a way for sure then please add some screenshots.
    my device is Redmi 1s
    can I change it by band settings?

  15. sir help wheneever i change network mode to 4glte/wcdma/gsm it automatically changes again to wcdmaonly give any solution?

  16. I select wcdma to LTE then automatically change to wcdma……how to change WCDMA to LTE only and l also try to reboot but nothing happen….
    My phone is lava iris x8

  17. I select wcdma to LTE then automatically change to wcdma……how to change WCDMA to LTE only and l also try to reboot but nothing happen….
    My phone is lava iris x8

  18. Hi, i m traing in Mediatek Devices, Network while network selction 4G band not selected and save.

    Pls. suggest..

  19. bro .. hamare area me reliance 2g metwork h… aur 3g b to kya aap bataa sakte ho kya ki ye kon se network me kaam krta h… ya ye other operators ke 3g network me b kaam kr sakta h.

    . ya iske liye 4g network hona hi jaruri h.

  20. admin,apne LTE,WCDMA,GSM SELECT KA ADVICE DIYA…LEKIN MERA ANDROID ME LTE,GSM,CDMA(auto prl) ahh raha ha…ei dono same ha kya??

  21. Sir,i hv canvas spark. Is the device has to be rooted or not??? In preferred network there is no option like LTE/wcdma/GSM. Plz help me

  22. This trick not working i have select LTE/WCDMA/GSM and NO network appear waiting for 30 minute also no jio network appear. THERE IS JIO 4G SEVICE NETWOTK I OUR PLACE BUT THE ABOVE TRICK USING MTK APP DOES NOT WORK NEED VIDEO PROOF

  23. there is no 4G LTE option in MTK Engineering Mode in app Micromax Unite 2
    what should i do?
    my phone is not rooted, is that the reason?
    Reply Please…

  24. I have lava iris 503 whenever I change the setting to lte it automatically changes to wcdma what should I do ????? Is root necessary ??? When will u post your video and where is its link???? Please tell me fast…

  25. my device intex aqua power , kitket 4. 2. 2 +
    rooted ,
    it is mediatek mt6592 ,1 . 36 ghz,
    it shown in cpu z apk.
    but when i select 4G /wcdma/gsm , while its
    forcely select as wcdma/gsm …… . !!!!

  26. sir pls post o video.MTK app lene k bad seeting. milane ke bad agar reboot mar dya to. kya MTK app uninstall nahi ho jyega

  27. I have Htc 816g Mediatek MT 6582 kitkat OS. It is a 3g device. I have followed the all steps correctly. But when i change the preffered network from wcdma to LTE , it goes back to wcdma.

    Plz help

  28. When i am selecting 4g/lte option
    It is automatically coming on wcdma i am unable to select the lte option……same for me too plz help me

  29. Bro when I click on get jio sim option it says that our system doesn’t process your request. So now what should I do. please help me sir.

  30. hii bro.. I have moto g2 I am getting *#4636#* -> LTE ..
    But my question is after getting barcode in this device.Can i go to the store with this phone & will activation work with this phone …

  31. Hii bro I have got moto g2 .. i have created barcode on it .. but my question is that can i go to store with this phone & can i activate that sim in this phone?

  32. I Have clear data of app and my gps is also on. But it says that our system is not proceed your request. What should I do now . Please help me sir.

  33. Sir Micromax spark q380 mai mtk app settings mai aur Network selecting aata hai par usme 4g LTE ka option nahi aaraha hai kya karoo please do say replypppppy


  34. Sir Micromax spark q380 mai mtk app settings mai aur Network selecting aata hai par usme 4g LTE ka option nahi aaraha hai kya karoo please do say replypppppy


  35. hellw sir,mera phone micormax unite2 maine sim lena k bad imei id change kar dia galti se…kya mera phone pe jio chelga….
    help mee sir…thnk you

  36. Sir tell 2 things.
    1. if i got sim then how to activate it by 3G device??
    2. root is needed for network LTE?
    3. after rooting, will i lost all data or apps?
    Please tell that is query of all. i hope u will reply

  37. Sir 3g phone se sim mil gya ab use kene ke liye Jo apne procedure dia h vo krne se mob ka Sara data ud jaega kya kese reset pe ho jata hai….???
    Or jio sim ko dalne se second slot pe sim to chl jaegi na…..???

  38. Sir 3g phone pe jio sim mil gayi…ab jo apne procedure dia h vo krne se kya mobile ka Sara data ud jaega…..??? Jese reset pe hota hai….???
    Or jio sim dalne se second slot pe dusri sim to chalegi na….??

  39. My Daer Friend,

    can you please explain how to setup with samsung galaxy grand with jio 4 G,

    The Phone have Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.18 GHz model MSM 8926 adriod version 4.4.2

    can you please guide ASAP?

  40. Sir I have samsung galaxy E7..Sir I already found Jio 4g sim..but sir my phone is not working 4g..its 3g network only..so what can I use jio 4g sir. ?..and what can I am activate this sim….plz help me Sir. …plz..

  41. Hi.how I use jio sim in my moto E 1st generation mobile.I have jio sim with me.I got it from my dad as my dad is a govt employee

  42. I have a panasonic p55 novo which is support 3G Network.Can it support JIO sim in this smartphone.
    I am early an awaited of your Response

  43. hello ,
    1. i am useing micromax canvae spark q380 3g device.
    2.my phone rooted.
    3. i have a jio sim also.
    4.how to use jio sim in 4g mode
    5.how to networke 4g select&etc….plese share………..

  44. sir I got the same message like our system could not process your transaction instead I followed all the same procedure as you have mentioned.
    I used my jio old version myjio 3.2.05.apk

  45. sir,mera handset micromax unite2,maine apne phone se bar code nikal nake bad sim liya,laken uske bad main apna imei id change kar di..kya jo sim maine pehle baar liya tha agle imei id pe kya wohh sim mera phone pe phone pe chelga…??
    Please Help me sir…

  46. sir,my handsset micromax unite2 maine bar code nikal ne k bad sim liiya lekin galti see imei id change kar dia…kya wohi sim new imei id pee chelaga…sir pls reply…felling nervous

  47. I have micromax spark and i tried mtk engineering mode to set 4g/3g/2g but it automatically back to wcdma… plz. help me how to I activate the jio sim

  48. John in d video even u havnt save d settng wdout svng tue settng it cant wrk u just doing a bullshit u r just an fake bro show d vdeo properly wd 4g nwrk

    • Thats Not my video , i already have OnePlus Device so Nothing to do for me,its By On eof My admin guy who follows Same Procedure From Our Post, and Its Working For him In Android Kitkat

  49. I have a micromax canvas juice 3 plus. It has a mediatek chipset and andriod lollipop. I have downloded the MTK engineering app but the problem is it not showning LTE/WCDMA/GSM Option in prefered network becoz of andriod lollipop i guess. I tried the same process on my friend’s phone (it has Andriod kitkat) and it is working in his phone. So can you plz guide me with andriod lollipop version that how can i change my setting to use jio 4G. Thq in advance ☺

  50. Bhai me 3g set me barcode generate kar liye but store wale phone ke bill chata hai , Jo jio ke list me nehi he. Plz batao ab me kaise sim lu? Any trick for that?

  51. How does it wirk on note 3 neo i even don’t know whether it is 4g or not some sites it’s saying it’s 4g and some are saying 3g my jio sim has been activated what do u do now and my phone is actually exynos please help.

  52. tell me sir1.) the trick is working in Redmi2 4G mobile?
    2.) should i use someone’s mobile jio sim(Except Lyf user) into my redmi? should they block sim?
    3.) if i got new Jio sim and use in into Redmi then will it activate?

    please give answer in Yes or no?

  53. Sir I am using Sony Xperia m which is 3G & installed all apps of jio but jb maine my Jio app open kiya to get jio sim ka option ni aa rha h

  54. Sir my phone micromax a290.. Jisko ham rooted kr chuka hu. But MTK ENGINEERING Mode mein network wcdma gsm select ho Jata Hai magar lyt/gsm/wcdma select nahi hota.. Phone Mera Android kitkat 4.4.2 hai

  55. my mobile is Samsung galaxy S5, for me none of the above process is working. MTK app not working. and in 2nd process it does not find Service Menu or Engg. mode.. What to do?
    I got the Jio Sim on 1st of Sept by your method..

  56. my mobile is Samsung galaxy S5, for me none of the above process is working. MTK app not working. and in 2nd process it does not find Service Menu or Engg. mode.. What to do? I got the Jio Sim on 1st of Sept by your method..

  57. Comment:
    I have Moto E(1st) run with android 4.44 version
    I done install of My jio apk old version but it can’t open
    please replay this

  58. Comment:
    I have Moto E(1st) run with android 4.44 version
    I done install of My jio apk old version but it can’t open
    please reply this

  59. MTK ENGINEERING Mode mein network LTE/gsm/wcdma select nahi hota.. Phone Mera Android kitkat 4.4. & mediatek bhi he….plz help me sir….

  60. does it work on samsung galaxy grand prime 4g enabled.?

    in network the LTE/gsm /wcdma is selected.but network does not show up ?

    can you please help with steps on how to fix it?

  61. Sir apne jo kaha wahi try kiya bt 30 min ho gyi fir bi network nahi aya or 2g/3g/4g select hi nahi hota he.. .sir btaiye plz…kya kru?

  62. Comment: i purchased second hand redmi 2from a person but he is not give me his jio preview offer sim can i get another jio sim or not.

  63. i purchass a redmi 2 from a person.but he dont give me his jio preview offer sim with it.can i purchased another jio sim for redmi 2.

  64. If i do this trick so what offer i got preview offer or welcome offer.
    Please upload how to get preview offer mean unlimited data no 4gb and then speed slow.

    • Yes and No Both, its depends upon area, some Jio store asking for barcode and some are not, But Why to take Risk when You can Easily get Barcode in any phone with Trick posted above

  65. In ur video u select lte/gsm/wdcma auto but after selecting its shows wcdma only…how u get lte network…is lte network come after switch off or reboot

  66. I got sim 2 weeks ago but it is not activated yet they say that they have recieve my request and they are facing some delay for new connection when will it start

  67. Sir
    After getting Jio SIM .from which mobile should I activate it from my Lenovo S850 (for which I want Jio and yeah it’s 3g )or j7 in which I have already Jio SIM activated ?
    From which mobile should we activate SIM?

  68. Hello sir i am dalily visiter and big fan to coolztrickz.com
    and i am allready a hacker my mcent earning till (18000 rs ) somthing.
    and i have a site djrsjat.in my own Rajasthani Dj Remix songs(very Popular In Rajasthan)
    and my Q. is my device is samsung grand 2 and my device is qualcomm snapdragon 400.
    so i use your trick but not success. plz give me diffrent trick for my grand 2
    and i have allready rooted phone but i want run geo sim in my non rooted phone plz hlep me sir
    i have allready jio 4 g sim.
    plz help me sir

  69. I downloaded old version of my jio app and all 12 remaining apps and then I open my jio and it showing get jio after clicking that it showing our system couldn’t process your transaction.please try again later.what to do and how to solve the problem
    Please Give the solution

  70. sir i have lg magna h502 only 3g i tried 3rd method but not work shows application is not avialable in your phone.
    Pls tell me how can i use 4g in it.?

  71. hi i activated and got sim throught he method u suggested,,now my 2 gb data limit reached and i am unable to activate welcome offer ,,please suggest a trick john cena

  72. in micromax a120 …processeer is mediatek…when i open the preferred network and chose LTE/GSM/WCDMA.It automatically change to GSM/WCDMA mode.so i cant save it…i used it MTK app..so plz reply what can i do bro???

  73. How can I activate jio in my 3G device.I got the sim with bar code generated in mu 3G set (lava iris 405 ) itself.
    How to activate it. Reply ASAP.
    Can i activate it in someone else’s 4G device.

  74. Sir
    You said that we have to insert a already activated jio SIM
    Do you mean that first we have to activate it from any other mobile (3g /4g)and then insert it in the 3G mobile (in which we want to tweak the network i.e; a 3g mobile) for using it.
    Or we can activate it in the only device that we wanted to use it

    I can’t understand it
    Please can you explain it
    “You have to insert already activated Jio SIM ”
    Thanks you for a Great Post
    Keep it up

    My mobile is Lenovo S850

  75. Comment:The *#*#4636#*#* trick didn’t work my MOTO E 2ND GEN(3G),
    All the steps I have properly used but not work.
    Not showing network bar all tIme emergency,why i couldn’t complete tele verification.
    Please solve my problem sir

  76. I try the tricks *#*#4636*#*# on MOTO E 2ND GEN (3G), complete the full process that you have given.
    But the trick didn’t work.
    I couldn’t complete tele verification my new jio sim even jio is ready for verification that code generated by this phone.
    Please help me sir.i lover of cool tricks.

  77. Wil it work on samsung s3 Neo? I have installed Shortcut master lite App but i cant find Service menu or enginering mode which is mentioned on that method. Pls tl me what to do

  78. MICROMAX UNIT 2 (A106)
    ROOTED -Kitkat

    i have try first method but it does work on my mobile. This app doesnot ask fr root permission ??

    how can i convert to 4G Network?

    Anyone have succesfully converted 3g network into 4G LTE network in micromax unit 2 plzzz reply the post???

    • You have To select The LTE option and Leave The Things As it is. Yes It wont stay on LTE because Your Phone is not LTE, Then Reboot Your Phone and Put Jio SIM in 1st Slot, And Wait for Network

  79. Comment:Is there any solution for the error ” our system couldn’t process your transaction ” ?? I am getting the “get jio sim ” option but clicking on that the above error pops up . Have been trying it from 2 days on my redmi note 3 but still it shows this error . I have tried it on my moto G 3 also but the same error shows . Please if anyone has any solution to this problem .

  80. Hi, I am using Redmi 1s and would like to follow the prcoess provided by you. My phone has Qualcomm snapdragon processor. I would like to know whether the process provided by you is safe & reliable. Whether if I want to switch back to my old settings and use a 3g or 2g sim later whether it will be possible, also will it be possible to use the dual sim feature after applying this process.

  81. Sir ,
    Will The Jio Sim work on my redmi 2 8gb variant which is LTE enabled but doesn’t have Volte and runs on android kit kat…
    My phone is already rooted should and it doesnt have lollipop update till now …should i flash it with cm12 or will the sim activate on my phone??

  82. I have Swipe Tab with Mediatek processer. In MTK mode there Network setting only have WCDMA/GSM there is no LTE option. How can I get that. I have already activated Jio Sim

  83. dear admin sir i have a micromax q380 phone i genrated barcode successful and geted sim in shop throw but problem how sim activate in my q380 handset i don’t have 4g phone please tell me how possible activate sim follow trick etc 4 tele-verification in q380 phone ya other simple method

  84. Admin plz help….
    I opened mtk engineering app….
    BT in the network settings there is no option of 4g LTE/gsm/wcdma
    Only gsm/wcdma….
    How do I activate LTE???
    Plz help

  85. Sir
    Mera phone micromax doodle q391 h
    Is ka processar – MT6582M, Quad core 1.3 GHz ARM* Cortex* A7 Processar h

    Kya is m jio 4G sim chal saktay h

    Plz help me

  86. Sir
    Mera phone micromax doodle q391 h
    Is ka processar – MT6582M, Quad core 1.3 GHz ARM* Cortex* A7 Processar h

    Kya is m jio 4G sim chal saktay h

    Plzzzz help me

  87. Sir i hav Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset ….n smasung galaxy grandprime ….will any of above mentioned trick work…plz tell i also hav activated sim card which works on 4g set not on mine 3g plzz help me sir

  88. Which trick will work in rooted xolo a500 club because it is not showing 4g option in mtk setting even after rooting. It has mtk6572 processor

  89. jab mai get jio sim pr click krta hu to ek pop up msg ata h, “our system couldn’t make ur transaction, plz try later” iska kya solution h

  90. sir my device is HTC desire526g plus (rooted) . I tried every method ,xorware also.But I don’t getting 4g network in my phone…plz help admin….

  91. Sir i followed ur procedure in my micromax unit2 but when in select 4g and reboot then it showing 3g in my phone status bar.. I cant network my phone for jio sim.my phone no is 9583715777… Pls contact me….

  92. Hey ADMIN
    I am using micromax unite 2 a106 mediatek device. I have tried all the above tricks but no signals for my phone even I have used an already working jio sim in my phone. Xorware trick also not working . please help. my whatsapp num. is 9897898722

  93. sir i got jio sim and working successfully.But few days back my number is turned to welcome offer.But i changed the trick and changed to preview offer by old jio app.but it not give offer upto dec 31 only gibe upto some 3 months like before.can it give upto dec 31 or only to 3 months.pls help

  94. One more issue..
    by using old jio app i generated bar-code for asus zenfone 2 laser and mi note 2 Lte. both are 4g Lte devices. I got the sim and get them activated but while inserting in asus and mi device no network shown

  95. But when i insert jio sim no network is showing.. How can i use jio for my unit2 micromax…my mobile is rooted. I tried all ur procedure but no notwork.
    Pls replay must…my whats app no is 9583715777.

    • did it really worked in moto e
      what procedure did u followed. ihave tried xorware xposed but i failed. plz reply me on +91 8179044963

  96. Device: Karbonn Sparkle V (Android One)
    Chip set: Mediatek MTK6582

    Android Version: 4.4.4 ( Stock ROM)

    MTK Engineering Mode app installed.

    Error : Cannot find EngineerMode app-Mediatek chip set is mandatory and stock ROM must be instslled.

    Solution ???

  97. even after selecting only Lte xorware still not working My device is Micromax unite 2 and it is rooted. All the tricks have tried. But no network for jio sim.

  98. Sir, I’m using asus ZenFone 5, intel atom processors, 3g phone not able to use plz suggest which trick will work, phone is rooted,,, plz reply ….

  99. I’m using Xolo One. in this phone support jio 4g? (I’m rooted this phone to miui 8 now this ROM running )
    then it possible… I have an jio 4g SIM.. please reply by step pls I’m waiting for your reply

  100. Hey john,
    My mobile micromax canvas nitro A311
    Kitkat version 4.4.2
    I had my mobile barcode by your trick and get reliance jio sim
    And this sim is activated
    But mera mobile par wo sim kam nahi kar raha hai
    Apka 3 trickk use kiya maine, par kuch bhi nahi hua
    Jio ka koi v network nahi aa raha hai
    Please help me John.

  101. not working at all.
    agar kisi ka work krta ho to 3g me jio to btaye. I think yha jitni bhi comments hain kisi ka nhi chala hai. Admin apka work kr rha kya

  102. hey bro. MTK app i m opening in my HTC 816g mediatek processor but. Its not able select LTE netwrk. It is automatically selecting WCDMA.netwrk ..
    So How to resolve dis problem n get selected d preffered netwrk as LTE:??
    Please help me out bro. reply soon pls

  103. Sir please help me iam using micromax a116 Mtk device and I tried your all tricks but doesn’t supported to my mobile please help me

  104. Hey bro
    The processes are not working in moto E 1st gen…plz help me to convert from 3g to 4g network…hope u ll reply soon…
    What steps to be taken???

  105. Thank you so much sir i read your post genrate barcode in 3G device.and I get success .I use gionee v4s(3G) how I active Jio sim in my 3G device??

  106. Sir mere pass lava iris x8 hai
    Or pre activated jio Sim
    Kya ye iss mobile me kaam karegi
    Mane aapke sare steps follow kiye hai per kisi bhi mathod se nahi chala

    Agar iska koi video hai toh plz send me my WhatsApp no 9896504811

    Mujhe bhi wohi problem as rahi hai Jo aapke comments me kisi ne lava x8 ke bare me likha hai


  108. Hey sir, I am having Asus ZenFone 5 and I followed the third trick but in the preferred network type option, LTE option is not getting selected. How to fix it?

  109. Bro I have moto g2 Qualcomm processors, tell how to use jio I tried your 2nd trick but it doesn’t show engineering mode or service menu. After that I couldn’t understand what you told

  110. Sir meine sab steps kr liye bas jio sim signal Ni show ho ra. Aa ra hai ki Emergency calls only. Please mera mobile samsung galaxy s3 neo hai. Aur meine xorware lgaya. Sir please batao how to get a signal.

  111. Hi john I have tried trick 2, 3 & 4 on Redmi 1s but none of the tricks are working. The reliance digital store executive told me that jio sims are not working in most mi 4g phones also. I had tried even mi max which is vo lte supported but it didn’t work. Plz suggest some new trick for redmi 1s.

      • ok it might have started working in xiaomi phones offlate
        Although i request you to give tricks to make it work in redmi 1s. All the methods have failed. I already have a activated sim but can’t use it in my redmi 1s. Plz help.

          • This method didn’t work. After making the necessary changes when i am switching off my phone and inserting jio sim in slot 1 it’s not working. There it is showing no service or emergency calls only. I have an activated jio sim as i have tried the sim in 2 different samsung 4g phones where it worked perfectly. I would like to tell you that these methods are working to the extent to change the network mode to lte but after switching the phone off and inserting the jio sim in slot 1 the sim is not working

          • This Method Is To Believe Jio sim That You Are using 4G Phone So That You can Get Signals Nothing else ,Hense 3G Speed In 4G Network…. This Methods Does not Change Your Phone to 4G,..And MTK Mode app and xorware is Perfect for this

  112. Hi, I have taken the JIO 4G SIM with the barcode generated from 3G phone (SONY XPERIA C3 DUAL). My SIM is also activated. But I can’t see JIO 4G SIGNAL.

    Could you please advise because I have tried all the tricks.

    The last thing I have done so far is I am able to change the network type to LTE/GSM/CDMA. Please advise.

    Please note that my phone is having Qualcomm processor.

  113. Hi Admin this is Santosh from mumbai my jio sim activated on 4g device and same device working onother jio sim also my question is activated jio sim i want to use my micromax canvas a63 it’s 3g phone so pls guide me which tricks sutable for me also can i use calling or only Data service??
    pls reply soon

  114. My phone isSamang galaxy prime SM-G530H and i have tried the XORWARE software trick, but its not working !
    I have also try the shortcut master but not the engineer mode option in search !

    aslo tried the mediatek trick but MTK SETING is not working !

  115. Sir, my name is ikshvaku amd i am having samsung galaxy s3 neo and sir i tried xorware app but i can’t see the jio 4g signal. So sir please help me. It only shows emergency calls only. I tried the xorware method. Sir signal kese ayega. Please please sir please reply some ways which are useful.

  116. Sir reply to my ques. Please Sir, my name is ikshvaku amd i am having samsung galaxy s3 neo and sir i tried xorware app but i can’t see the jio 4g signal. So sir please help me. It only shows emergency calls only. I tried the xorware method. Sir signal kese ayega. Please please sir please reply some ways which are useful.

  117. Hello sir,i followed all steps of above tricks still m not getting Jio network in my phone..help me..my device is media tek..what is best trick for xolo,intex nd samsung phones from avove?Help

  118. hellow sir
    my name is deepanshu
    i m your big fan
    maine aaj tak apki jitne bhi tricks try ki sari tricks ne acche se work kiya or mene kafee logo ki help bhi ki h
    lekin ek problem aa rhe h
    jio ki sim jab maine 3g phone mai chalane ki kosis ki to lTE/GSM pe clck krne ke baad same rhta h
    to maine socha sayad same rha hoga to maine phone reboot kiya or 2 hours wait bhi kiya tab bhi network ni aaye..
    so sir can u help me

  119. My phone is Samsuung Gqlqxy Grand duas i9082
    Cpu is Dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9Dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9

    Which method is work for me……

  120. Hello
    I m saikrishna
    i have activated jio sim
    my mobile is Samsung Galaxy Core 2(3G)
    so which of the above method i should use(out of 4)
    please tell me any one

  121. Sr iam using panasonic p31 which is a 3g phone and I have got jio sim from another mobile will my mobile support jio . If it support please whcvh method it is better and I have rooted my mobile . Plzz send me the video on my whats app 7893461287. Thank u

  122. Mere mobile me *#*#4636#*#* setting work kar rai h magar jab me network change karke koi or net use karta hu jase lte or any other network automatic change ho kar gsm ho jata hai koi network choose hi n ho raha what to do.

  123. having a rooted samsung j1 ace with cortex a7 processor…i tried xorware but it is not asking for root permission…please help me out

  124. Hi sir I’m using micromax canvas knight a350 mobile, its rooted I’m using miui software in my mobile, I tried your all tricks but nothing is working for me , help me to change network, before that any setting need do for that , please suggest me.

  125. Hi,
    I am using HTC Desire 816. I have tried most of the tricks nothing worked for me. I have a active Jio sim.
    This is a 3G phone and the chipset is Qualcomm MSM8928 Snapdragon 400.
    The phone is not rooted. Could you please suggest a method to use Jio sim in my phone?
    Thanks in advance.

  126. Admin!! I have Intex Aqua Power HD(Mediatek Processor )(ROOTED) but when I change WCDMA to LTE/CDMA/GSM….. But It automatically changes back to WCDMA. I tried Xorware app . Still not working.

  127. cant find enggeering mode or service menu..i have tried everyone but but none of them work …i have already root my phone and flash to 4.4.4..what to do ..thanks in advance

  128. Administration, have you found anything for Sony Xperia C3 dual which is qualcomm and was getting errors for all the tricks mentioned earlier. I don’t want to root the device. Please find something.
    Thanks in advance.

  129. Sir i will try your all tricks for 4G network in 3G phone but all tricks not working.
    And i try your all tricks in rooted phone but not working. And my rooted phone 1st slot is dameg so it not work. I try your tricks with secand slot. And tell me that 1st slot nacecery or not.
    Sir plz help me what i do.
    My 4g sim is waste for me.
    Plz give me another sure working tricks for 4G.

  130. Sir, I have Micromax Nitro 2 E311, having kitkat 4.4.2, 3G Phone
    1.Barcode generated but, if first trick to run the Jio Sim on 3G phone , it requires pre-activated self smartphones jio Sim, means Sim required 4G set or 3G set requires pre-activated Jio Sim, how to solve this problem.
    2. For setting up to 4G /LTE network on 3G phone, pre activated Jio Sim of any other device will help? Or any other trick to activation process of My own Jio Sim, in any other device?
    3. Single last one Plz sir, If all the 3G, 4G, Root methods will fail then, How to get back Basic Fundamental roots and all the factory settings will re-set??

  131. 1.I am use Intex aqua star 2 HD.can I use jio sim in my mobile?
    2.I am tried all the methods.please help me?
    3.how to solve please upload the video?
    I am big fan of you.plzzzz..help me

  132. Sir I have an Lenovo S650 rooted smartphone. And my jio sim is activated yesterday. When I insert jio sim in my phone in 1st slot and I am also waiting for 3hour to get network but there is no network. I am also click on 2g/3g/4g(auto) option in mtk app. And reboot my phone but there is no network. So now what should I do.

  133. Hi sir I have Moto G 2nd gen this is 3g phone pls help me jio sim works in my device so that what process I have to do now I got barcode and jio sim

  134. Hello Sir, John Cena,,
    “I have a gionee p5 mini a 3G smartphone with CPU modal- ARMv processor rev3 (v7l) and Number Of CPU cores- Quad-Core and System version Amigo3.1”
    So please Sir help me how can I use free Jio sim in my device? And which trick help me the best ? Thank you In Advance.

  135. Hello Sir, John Cena ,, “I have a Geonee P5 MINI a 3G smartphone with CPU MODAL -ARMv7 Processor rev 3 (v7l) and Number Of CPU CORES – Quad-Core with System Version -Amigo3.1”
    1. Can I Use Free Jio SIM in my phone?
    2. Which trick helps me?
    { I got the Jio SIM (Activated)}
    Please Sir help me… Big thanks.