Jio SIM “No Network Signal Problem” Solved- 4 Best Solutions


Reliance Jio SIM ” No Network Signal Problem “

Jio SIM ” No Network Signal Problem “Solved- 4 Best Solutions

Hi Guys, Hope You are Enjoying Our Free Jio SIM Tricks and Free Recharge Tricks, CoolzTricks Always Try to Find Best Possible Ways to Corrects Every Possible Error In Reliance JIO SIM.

This Time I Am Providing Best Possible way to Fix No Network Signal Issue In Reliance JIO SIM and While Using JIO SIM In 3G Or 4G Mobiles. I have Seen Many Peoples Here Complaining About Jio No Network Signal problem.

We Have Identified The The Things Causing This Problem and Provided The Solutions To Solve This Problem.

Must Try:

Here is Most Common Jio Sim No Network Signal Problems

  • First of All Most IMP – You have Not Correctly Tele-verified Your JIO SIM
  • Another Thing Your device is Not True 4G Supported, and if does just make sure it also supports JIO spectrum bands compatible with Reliance Jio Signal(800 MHz,1800 MHz and 2300 MHz)
  • In Some Dual SIM Devices First Slot is 4G Ready and second SIM is 2G Or 3G Ready Only So If you Put Your JIO 4G SIM in Second Slot Then You will never Get The Jio Network and You will Get Jio Network Signal Problem
  • Make Sure that your phone is set On LTE network Only mode (Settings > Mobile Networks > Preferred network type.) For First Slot.
  • If above conditions are fine and you still didn’t got reliance jio signal, make sure your reliance jio sim is properly inserted In Your Phone and it is activated from the companies end. Try re-inserting the SIM in Both Slot and Reboot your phone.

If everything is fine or you found the reliance jio sim no network signal problem. Then you can use any of these methods to get the Jio sim signal in your phone. Make sure to follow every method, you may get the signal right after the first 2 methods but cross check one more time whether your device matches the Jio requirements or not. Then you can proceed forward on how to get jio sim signal in your mobile.

Fix-1 : Jio Sim No Network Signal Problem

As Shown Above The First Jio No Network Signal Problem Is Your Jio sim Is Not Tele-verified Correctly and Non-Televerified Jio SIM Will not get Mobile Network

Here is How to Know Your Jio SIM Correctly Tele-Verified Or Not
  1. Dial 1800-8901-977 from any mobile other then jio  Or Dial 1977 using jio (Use Jio4GVoice App)
  2. Select Language.
  3. Enter your jio number
  4. wait for some time and press.

If your number is still under processing you will get a reply that:

Your number is not yet ready for tele-verification. please call after you receive a tele-verification ready confirmation message




If It says Like This Then You have To Wait Till You Get The ” Your Jio SIM Is Ready For Tele-verification” Message in Your Alternative Mobile Number

Just Televerify Your Jio SIM once You Get The Message And You can See Jio Network In Your Status Bar

If you have already received the tele-verification message just insert the sim in the mobile you have used to generate token. Please note that it is compulsory that initially you insert it in the mobile you used to generate the token only. Only then you will be able to see the signal bar. so insert the sim in the mobile, you have used to generate token. Dial 1977 and verify you number.

Fix-2 : Network Setting For Jio Sim No Network Signal Problem

  1. Ping-ON Method
  • Enter the code *#*#4636#*#* in keypad
  • Then Click on option called ‘Phone Info’
  • Tap on Run Ping Test
  • Radio option will be visible on your screen.Just Make sure it is ‘ON
  • Once it is done, you will be asked to Reboot device. Once completed,you can check whether your network is back or not.
  • reliance-jio-sim-no-network-signal-problem-solved
2. Preferred Network Setting
  • Enter the code *#*#4636#*#* in keypad
  • Then Click on option called Phone Info
  • The Go To “Preferred Network Mode” And Select Only LTE 
  • Then Just Go to Mobile Setting
  • Tap on More Networks
  • Then Click on Mobile Networks
  • If you holds a dual SIM phone,just make sure your Network mode SIM is on ‘LTE‘ which is for 4G
  • If above steps doesn’t work,then visit Network Operators>Search Network>Follow the steps asked>Select preferred network.
  • jio-sim-no-signal

Fix-3 :Jio Sim No Network Signal Problem

Place the Jio Sim in correct Slot

This is the common mistake, this solution is widely applicable to this problem. Just remove the sim from it’s slot and place your reliance jio sim in first slot or LTE enabledslot. This will give you the reliance jio sim signal and it works every mobile.

Fix-4 :Jio Sim No Network Signal Problem in iPhone

iPhone users on How To Get Reliance Jio Sim Signal 

Go to Settings

Choose Cellular Option

And Ensure your Cellular Data

If still you dont’ get your network back, Restore your Network Settings.

Final Words About This Problem:

I Know This Jio Sim ” No Network Signal Problem ” Is Very Annoying as You are Hurry to use Free Jio Services and Free 4G Internet And This Problem Persist.

I have tried to Include Every Fix for Every Sceneio To Get Rid of This Problem, Still If You are getting problem Then Comment Below , I will try to Solve It..

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  1. Hi i have tried all the methods to run jio 4g in my htc 816g which is a 3g phone, when i go to phone information and select lte option it automatically select wcdma prefered and i also tried xorware option it selects 4g/lte but still not working . Sim is perfectly working on amother 4g phone. Please help how to get signal in my htc 816g.

  2. Hi ,I have redmi note 3 , I got jio sim 10 days ago, but still not got network, I tried wt u say on trick,but no profit till now,should I go to reliance mini store for activate?

  3. Hi, firstly thanks to u, my sim active within 3-4 minutes using your trick, good net speed, but can’t do call!!?? Even I dial 1977 call ended, pls help to solve it


  5. Hi..I have lenovo zuk z1.. I had put my Jio sim in slot 1.
    I contacted customer care they say my sim is activated.
    Still I didn’t get network. I have tried all the tips u hav given.
    Also I didn’t get any welcome msg or activation msg in my alternate number. But, when I cald 1800-890-1977 it says my Jio number is already tele verified.
    Still I didn’t get network for my Jio sim.
    It’s been 10days since I got my sim.

  6. My sim is tele verified but I am not getting network bar.. I used another phone to generate barcode.. Now I want to use it in my intex aqua power+..

  7. hii i am using lenovo s90a model and my jio network is not showing..i also using ping method but its showing ip address error.and not asking for reboot.i also checked my all setting but result is zero.kindly suggest me best solution,

  8. i have hts desire 828DS
    At start jio works well in it.
    after 1 month of normal use not excessive use
    i have problem of signal now jio shows no service or emergency calls only.
    In strong network zone it works well in my htc desire 828ds
    but in weak zone there is no signal.
    it works only few places in my house
    when i take my device from that place the signal goes off
    but my jio sim works well in other devices ie oppp samsung vivo etc.
    in weak zone also and in all the my house.

    i have tried all the tricks available on diff webs. no one give me the solution
    plz tell me the solution.

    • Hi Sukhdev, As Per Your Query This Is Something Related To Your Phone Modem(network), as it is not capturing jio Network or Unable to Handle it. Now Do One Thing Root Your Device and Flash Another ROM ( You can See On XDA Forum) . I will suggest You to Flash Any Cyanogen Based ROM. This Will Mostly Solve Your Problem.

  9. Hi,
    I am using lenovo k3 (No Signal), my sim is activated and it’s working on other phone. But it’s not working on lenovo k3, I tried to set LTE mode only via *#*#4636#*#* but i was not able to select LTE only, it’s not taking that setting. Tried selecting signal manually by searching it that didn’t worked too.

    Plzz help

    • Few Things To Check
      1. Check Your APN – is It Correct ?
      2. Set or select LTE From Phone Setting – Select LTE recommended and Then Search For Signals
      3. Finally If Nothing Work Then Just Select Any Other ROM for Your Device ( I Recommend Any AOSP Based Rom Like Cyanogen )

  10. My phone has mediatek chipset, 4.4 kitkat version and also rooted. under preferred networks of mtk engineering mode, there is option for wcdma/GSM but there is no option for 4g/wcdma/GSM. by dialing *#*#4636#*#* and selecting LTE only, it forcefully changes back to wcdma/GSM preferred. I tried xorware. installed both switcher & interface and enabled the module from xposed, but changing network mode to 4g closes the app and no signal is there in my activated jio sim. so plz help…

  11. i have used jio for 1 month but now not getting shows emergency call only. i have done almost all the mentioned methods but nothing works out. i’m using moto e3 power

    pliz help..

      • Hi John,
        I have tried the following on my Moto X play to activate my Jio Network.
        A) checked OS version / Update version – it is available
        B) Phone number registered and activated ( have received an SMS from JIo Net with link to Youtube video as well for setting network – Placed the Sim i Slot 1. Have removed any additional sim also
        C) Done the ping test, Selected LTE only in radio
        D) cleared the cache -both thru the trouble shooting option as well as internal memory clear cache option
        E) reboot the phone a bunch of times
        I have tried it with both sims and with only LTE sim – but am still not getting the network ..
        when i check cellular network – it does say registered with but – in the status the phone number is missing.
        In cellular network settings – Preferred NEtwork type is greyed out the value in the greyed out option is 2G
        The SIm status details are as follows:
        Network : Unknown
        Signal Strength )
        Cellular network type: Unknown
        Service State – out of service (for both voice and data)
        Network state disconnected
        My phone number unknown

        Can you please help debug this problem. Thanks in advance for all your help.
        Thanks Gita.

    • I had the same issue but now it has been resolved.Try this
      Go to settings>>apps>>Scroll down to settings>>tap on storage>>tap on clear cache and clear data

      Hope this helps because elsewhere the only solution posted was to perform a factory reset. I was saved.Phew!

  12. Jio 4 g network is coming when I restart my phone, but it is not staying for longer time, it’s coming and going type situation, I am stucked.
    I have tried everything but the situation remains the same.

  13. Sir
    i have used Jio Sim fromlast 2 months in my Gionee M5 Lite , I FACE PROBLEM, jab bhi N/W unavailble hota hai hai jio sim par, aur uske baad jab dubara se N/W aata hai then i am unable to use DATA
    aur mujhe mobile ko baar baar restart karna padta hai, dubara data use karne k liye
    also by using code *#*#4636#*#*
    i am unable to selet LTE mode, once its selected after some time it is again fond GSM

  14. Hi I tried all the tricks mentioned above including the last one you mentioned in your reply. Still no network. The Manual scan won’t show Jio as an available network either. And when I try to change the default sim for data to Jio, it won’t change. It just shows data subscription change in progress.
    Please help.

  15. Hi i have tried all the methods to run jio 4g in my htc 816g which is a 3g phone, when i go to phone information and select lte option it automatically select wcdma prefered and i also tried xorware option it selects 4g/lte but still not working . Sim is perfectly working on amother 4g phone. Please help how to get signal in my htc 816g

  16. Hello, I hv tried *#*#4636#*#* and xoraware methods for HTC 816, still its not working! not getting any signals for Jio sim.Jio sim working on other 4g mobiles.
    Can u plz sort out this problem?

  17. I have a Lumia 1520 device, but when i put my working jio sim in it, then it shows no service. And when i put it back in my android, then it shows signal. The thing is, my lumia worked well with the jio sim, but while i was travelling to another state, then it suddenly dropped all signal and entered this state. Any solutions?

  18. hi…i have some serious problem bro…
    my Samsung note 4 not showing any singnal after insert jio sim…but other all sim cards working properly.when jio sim inserting it show some block singal in singal bar.please help me as much as possible.
    thank you

  19. I have no signal in my Lumia 550,while I insert an activated sim and I also setting APN-joiner
    IPVprotocol-ipv4 but there is no signal,plz solve it soon.

  20. My phone YU yuphoria yu5010a was supporting jio normally but suddenly from one week it doesn’t showing any network bars. Some times it shows 2 bars but net is not working .what is the prblm

  21. I have intex aqua power plus.i tried all the steps but my networks bars are still not showing and i’m unable to use jio.plz help me.

  22. I have intex aqua power plus.i tried all the steps but my networks bars are still not showing and i’m unable to use jio.plz help me.

  23. The problem which i am facing is very different actually i am having dual sim panasonic phone which is 4G+2G when i insert only one Jio sim in 4G slot than jio is working properly but if i am inserting both the sims JIo in 4G and airtel in 2G than jio network doesn’t come. Please provide me the solution for the problem so that both the sims can be used in one phone

    • Follow Below Steps ..

      1. if You Have Google Stock ROM Mobile Then Dial *#*#4636#*#* And Choose only LTE Option

      2. Or Just Go to Setting >> SIM Setting >> Network Mode >> Select Only LTE/4G Option

      3. Done

  24. “Data subscription change in progress”
    Go to Setting -> Click on Apps -> Scroll down and Click on Setting -> Click on Storage -> Click on CLEAR DATA and CLEAR CACHE

    Now you are good to go and enable data.

    Happy browsing 🙂

  25. hi admin
    i have tried all this fix which u gav didnt worked
    if i insert any other jio sim in my device it works fine but not my sim its always show no network
    also cross checked sim is activated
    and when i connect mobile using wifi it shows network signal in 4g sim but no actual abitlity of making or recieve
    develop an app or script to reolve this issue

  26. Sir I have been using Jio Sim since 1 moth in lenovo A7000 Mobile in it only only Sim slot 1 is 4G enabled ((LTE )) But yesterday I removed my Jio Sim and inserted Vodafone Sim on 13 Feb 2017 and on 14 Feb 2017 when I removed Vodafone Sim and reinserted my Jio Sim it is not at all working it is not at all showing network and service I tried many methods but none of them worked so please help me

  27. Hello sir,
    I have Lenovo a7000 phone, and My problem in my home, signal not coming in home and outside home give full signal but not in home. Plz suggest any trick to get full signal in home.


  28. Hello.
    I am using REDMI NOTE 3 with JIO and VODAFONE INDIA.
    But sometimes the SIM 1 shows NO NETWORK, if I re-start the phone, or reinsert the SIM Tray, everything back to normal.
    Any idea about this?
    It’s not TRAY defects, BSNL 3G works perfectly fine here.
    After a lot of trial error, I spotted that if I set the Jio in LTE ONLY and VODAFONE in GSM ONLY everything is normally functional..
    Now, the issue is that if I re-start (switch off) the phone or used the FLIGHT MODE, the whole network settings change. I should again type the *#*# -#*#* thing and set tue LTE ONLY/GSM ONLY..

    Any idea about keeping this setting permanently?
    Or any idea why this “NO NETWORK” happens?

  29. Hi.I am using moto g3
    I got Jio sim almost 5 months back and have been able to use it without any problem till now.but since almost 4days am not getting any network at all(as in ders no bar oly) for almost a day.Then I will get network automatically without doin anything. It has happened thrice already. If u hv any suggestions pls help..thank u

  30. hi my mobile panasonic ce. shows no service and emerjency calls only. and when i go outside my home to some open place jio works well. and in other phone jio is working well.

  31. I have bought an lg g4 H815 from ebay. It looks like it is a UK import phone and so I believe due to this Jio sim is not getting supported. Jio signal is shown, but it doesnt allow LTE connection and also I’m not able to make any calls. How do I check what network is supported by my mobile? is there an app to do this?

  32. Hi bro,
    Using an iphone 5, sim worked finr for 15-20 days and then all of a sudden went from full network to no service, couldn’t find any solution. Can you please help me ?

  33. I am using jio sim in mi 3s prime for last six month. Everything is fine but from 4-5 days it is not working. Not able to receive any call or message. Network is fluctuating very much.

  34. I am using jio sim in mi 3s prime for last six month. Everything is fine but from 4-5 days it is not working. Not able to receive any call or message. only no service.

  35. i am having network issues only in a particular location where jio tower has been recentlt started.otherwise i get my signal everywhere.

  36. I am using Moto e3 power and inserted Jio sim in slot 1 and tried all above tricks still Jio sim is not recognized and no signal

  37. I m using MI note 4 before 5days jio network no show I will try perefered network lte apn n also 4636 what I do now

  38. I am using Mi Note 3 and in my device on the top of the sim network notification there is a cross sign and there is no option of preferred network type, Access point name etc. help me plz……………….

  39. im using htc desire my mobile jio sim is not detecting the signal.i’ve tried all poosibilities.but no use.could u make it up please?

  40. Hi, I am trying to use Jio Sim along with my airtel 4G Sim in my Gionee Marathon M5 Lite but Jio is only catching signals when I am setting cellular data to Jio, as soon as cellular data changes to airtel, Jio network is gone. Any suggestions so that both sim can work simultaneously?

  41. I use a Jio sim on a Xiomi note 4.
    My internet was working fine till I went for a trip abroad. Since i got back both data and voice was not working. I changed a few settings and now voice is working. But I can’t get data to work. VoLTE is working. Voice network type and data network type is LTE. Data service says disconnected. Ping test says Fail. Please help.