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(Free Coins) Crypto Airdrops: How to get Free Cryptos or Tokens

Crypto Airdrops – We all want free cryptos but the problem is how to get and where to get those free cryptos. We are starting a new segment in which we will be posting good free airdrops of coins/tokens. Currently, we will be posting mainly Ethereum (ERC-20) tokens as it is the most popular. So If you HODL now then You can make huge profits in the future.

What is a Crypto Airdrop?

A crypto airdrop is when a CryptoCurrency project distributes free tokens/ coins as a reward to the people who perform certain tasks at these project’s request. To be a recipient of a crypto airdrop often the only requirement is that you sign-up with few details and/or share a word about them on social media.

How much can I earn from an Airdrop?

Believe it or not, but with minimum efforts, you can earn as much as $300 from just one Airdrop.

How/Where to Receive Free Airdrops?

To receive these free coins/tokens you need to have an ERC20 Wallet. Only ERC20 wallet is designed to receive different tokens so don’t give any of your Ethereum address from any exchanges as exchanges are not compatible to receive tokens.

The most commonly used ERC20 wallets are MyEtherWallet, imToken and Metamask. I would recommend using imToken for beginners as it is easy to use and manage your coins.

1.Firstly download imToken by Clicking Here

2. Now create a wallet by entering your name and password.

3. After creating your wallet backup your wallet.

4. Make sure that you never disclose your private key.

5. Now a wallet will be created and you will get a wallet address as this will be used to receive these free tokens.

Things needed mostly for Airdrops:

  • Any ERC20 Wallet
  • Telegram (Needed most of the times)
  • Twitter (mostly or sometimes other social media accounts)

Ongoing Free Airdrops

SYNAPSE AI Airdrop- How to get FreeSYNAPSE(SYN) Tokens?

1.Firstly visit Synapse AI Airdrop by Clicking here.

2. Sign up.

3. You balance will automatically be credited with 50 SYN tokens.

4. Receive additional 100 SYN tokens for every referred friend.

CORBIT Airdrop- How to get Free CORBIT(CEX) Tokens?

1.Firstly visit Corbit Airdrop by Clicking here.

2. Submit your details.

3. Receive up to 30 CEX tokens at the end of the crowdsale

4. Plus receive 10 CEX tokens per friend invited.

RxEAL Airdrop- How to get Free RxEAL(RXL) Tokens?

1. Firstly visit the RxEAL Telegram Bot by Clicking here.

2. Follow the steps mentioned.

3. Done. A total of 240,000 free RXL tokens will be distributed to all the users.

3. Also, receive 8 RXL tokens per friend invited.


DATx Airdrop – How to get Free DATx(DATX) tokens

1.Firstly visit DATX Airdrop Page by clicking here.

2. Simply sign up with your ETH address and follow the steps to claim the airdrop and get 3.2 DATx tokens.

3. Then refer friends to get 3.2 DATx tokens extra.

CTEChain Airdrop- How to get Free CTEChain(CTE) Tokens?

1. Firstly Visit CTE Airdrop by Clicking here.

2. Now Enter your Ethereum Address and click on Submit.

3. Join CTE Telegram group.

4. Submit the Referral code you got into the Telegram group. (Important)

5. Now you will get 6.66 CTE tokens

6. Plus Receive 6.66 CTE for every referral.

To Know more about CTE Click here.

OwnData Airdrop- How to get Free OwnData(OWN) Tokens?

1. Firstly visit Owndata by Clicking here.

2. Sign up using your Email and password.

3. Now verify your Mail.

4. That’s it you will get 1000 OWN coins immediately into your Owndata Wallet.

DAX Airdrop- How to get Free DAX Tokens?

1. Firstly visit Dax Airdrop by Clicking here.

2. Now Sign up by using any Social accounts or by your Name, Email, and Password.

3. Now refresh the page and you will see that you got 10 points.

4. After the token sale, you will get the tokens depending on the points.

5. Refer your friends to get 10 points per refer.

Nauticus Airdrop- How to get Free Nauticus(NTS) Tokens?

1. Firstly visit Nauticus Airdrop by Clicking here.

2. Click on “Sign up” and complete registration

3. Verify your Mail and then you will receive 100 free NTS.

4. Wallet address for withdrawing can be entered after ICO start.

5. Refer your friends to get 100 NTS per referral.


Consentium Airdrop- How to get Free Consentium(CSM) Tokens?

1.Firstly visit their Telegram Bot by Clicking here.

2. Join their Telegram group

3. Submit your ETH and Email address.

4. Now refer your friends to get 1 CSM per referral.


CURRENT Airdrop- How to get Free CURRENT(CRNC) Tokens?

1.Firstly Sign up for Current by Clicking here.

2. Enter your Email and password and Sign up and then verify your Mail.

3. Then visit Current Airdrop Page by Clicking here.

4. Now complete the form given on the page by joining their Telegram channel, giving your Email plus entering your ERC-20 wallet address.

5. After submitting the form you will receive a mail regarding referral (it may take time to receive the mail so plz be patient).

6. Now share your link and invite friends to the Airdrop to receive more tokens.

7. There’s a total of 4 million CRNC tokens available for Airdrop and will be distributed equally depending on the number of registered participants in the Airdrop.

To know more about CURRENT Click here.

ETHEARNAL Airdrop- How to get Free Ethearnal(ERT) Tokens?

1.This Airdrop is available only for Telegram users so Join their Telegram Bot by Clicking here.

2. Type “/ethearnal” and then join the Telegram group.

3. Type “/address” and answer two questions.

4. Submit your ETH address.

3. After completing the steps you will get 1 ERT Tokens.

4. Then start referring friends to get more tokens.

To know more about Ethearnal Click here.

Coinstocks Airdrop – How to get Free Coinstocks(IOX) tokens?

1.Firstly visit Coinstocks by clicking here.

2. Click on ”get early access”.

3. Submit form.

4. Your account will be credited with 500 IOX.

5. Now refer your friends to get 50 IOX tokens.

To know more about Coinstocks Click here.

DOCK Airdrop – How to get Free DOCK tokens?

1.Visit Dock Airdrop Page by Clicking here

2. Now Enter your Mail, Password, and Signup.

3. Go to your Email and Confirm Mail.

4. Now verify your DOCK account by Linking any one of the Social media accounts and following them on Telegram.

5.After verifying your account you can start earning. There are multiple ways you can Earn like Following them on various Social accounts, inviting friends to join Dock through your invite etc.

6.You could get $3 dollars worth of free Dock tokens per referral.

6. Your Earnings will be paid in DOCK tokens 30 days after the token sale ends.

To Know more about DOCK Click Here

Bitpaction Airdrop – How to get Free Bitpaction(BPS) tokens

1.Firstly visit Bitpaction by clicking here.

2. Sign up with your Email and Password.

3. Verify your Mail.

4. That’s it simple as that you will get 100 BPS tokens instantly.


Finished/Paused Airdrops

IOTEX Airdrop – How to get Free IOTEX tokens

1. Firstly visit the IOTEX Telegram Bot by Clicking here.

2. Click on Start and then they will tell you to join their Telegram Group.

3. After joining their Group go back to the Bot and Type /candy.

4. Congrats! You will get 30 points

5. Now type /eth_set to the bot to set your ETH address.

5. Now share your referral link to get more points.

Luckbox Airdrop- How to get Free Luckbox Tokens?

1.Firstly visit Luckbox Airdrop page by Clicking Here

2. Now click on login with Twitter.

3. Then follow the instructions to Earn Your Luck.

4. Please note you must complete all the steps to qualify for the airdrop.

5. The free tokens will be airdropped into the Ethereum wallet of everyone who enters.

6. Free tokens from Earn Your Luck will be released three months after the crowdsale ends.

To Know more about Luckbox Click here.

(Over For Now) Woter Airdrop- How to get Free Woter(WOT) Tokens?

1.Firstly visit Woter by Clicking here.

2. Click on “Join Airdrop Get 20 WOT coins free”

3. Submit your details including ETH address.

4. That’s it. You will get $5 worth of WOT tokens for free.

5.. After registering refer your friends to get 5 WOT tokens per refer.

6. Withdraw will be available after ICO Ends.

7. By holding WOTER you are securing lifelong earnings from their smart contract: 25% of exchange revenue will be distributed to WOT holders monthly for life.

To know more about Woter Click here.

(Over For Now) DATA Airdrop – How to get Free DATA(DTA) tokens?

1.Firstly visit DATA Airdrop by Clicking here

2. Enter your Twitter username and follow their Twitter profile.

3. Then enter your wallet address which you got from imToken or any ERC20 Wallet and verify that you are not a robot.

4. Now click on the Paperplane Logo.

5. Now tweet about them on the next page.

6. Congrats! you will receive 20 DATA tokens which are currently worth half a dollar now.

7. Plus share your link to receive 20 DATA per referral.

8. You will receive the tokens after February 13.

To know more about DATA(DTA) Click here

(Over For Now) Cloudmoolah Airdrop – How to get Free Cloudmoolah(MOO) tokens plus Free Ethereum?

1.Firstly Join their Telegram Page by clicking here.

2. Follow the instructions given and get free Cloudmoolah tokens.

3. Signing up for the airdrop will credit you 3 MOO tokens and 0.001 ETH.

3. Refer your friends to get 3 MOO tokens plus 0.001 Ethereum per refer.

4. Hurry up and join their Airdrop campaign.

To know more about Cloudmoolah Click here.

(Over For Now) NEXO Airdrop- How to get Free NEXO Tokens? 

1.Firstly visit Nexo Airdrop page by Clicking Here

2. Now complete the short survey.

3. At the end of the survey give your ERC20 Wallet address and submit.

4. You will receive 20 NEXO tokens plus refer to get a chance to win 1 Ethereum.

5. The tokens will be distributed on the Main Token Distribution Event for which you will get a Mail on when it will be.

To Know more about NEXO Click here

(Over For Now) INDX Airdrop- How to get Free INDX(INDX) Tokens?

1.Firstly visit INDX page by clicking here.

2. Now signup using your Name, Email, Mobile number.

3. You will receive a mail which includes your Password.

4. Now login to INDX using your Email and the password which you got in the Mail.

5. Then they will ask you to create a new password.

6. After creating a new password you will be logged in.

7. That’s it you will successfully get 1500 INDX tokens in your INDX wallet plus refer friends to get 500 INDX per refer.


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  1. Bro i have one question, please respond !

    i am registering on each and every new Airdrop website as mentioned above but till now i received only DatX 3.2 coins in my imtoken Wallet :/ How long it will take to receive other coins :/ ????

  2. It depends on the airdrop sometimes instant sometimes few days. It can also take months too. So read about the details of Each Airdrop Campaign. Most of the tokens are given when their ICO ends. That can take days or even months.