(Full Guide) How To Use Reliance JIO SIM In Windows Phone


How To Use Reliance JIO SIM In Windows Phone. You all must be using Reliance JIO. Now if you are a Windows Phone user then you must be feeling sorry for it. But Coolztricks has something for you. All of us want to have a JIO SIM so that we can enjoy unlimited 4G till 31st December 2016. Now one have ever thought that Reliance is going to propose a offer like this. Everyone got shocked when they announced that everyone will get free 4G till 31st December 2016. As per requirement this offer can be availed with Android Phone only. So windows phone users got a bit of panic from this. But we have not confronted the trick to use JIO SIM in windows phone. You may also want to know How To Port To Reliance JIO.

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Use Reliance JIO SIM In Windows Phone

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The trick is very easy and simple. You just need to use some APN settings which are given below. First we have tried this trick and then posted here, so there will be no chance of failure of this trick, but if you want some more information or want to post your requirement then just comment below and if it is possible then we will definitely post it here and solve your query. Earlier only some high priced Samsung Devices were eligible for this offer, but as now anyone can avail this offer.

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Requirements To  Use JIO SIM In Windows Phone:

  • The SIM must be activated in any Android Device as it is not possible in Windows Phone.
  • If you are having a VOLTE windows phone then you do not need any Android Device for verification.
  • To convert 2GB Data in Unlimited Welcome Offer – Read This Tutorial
  • For the above again Android Phone is required.

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How To Use Reliance JIO SIM In Windows Phone:

  • First of all open your Settings by moving to the App Drawer.
  • Scroll down and find SIM Settings there or Network Settings. (As per your version)
  • You need to select mode as 4G or Highest Connection Speed.
  • Now select JIO SIM and click on Add APN.
  • You need to add some details which are given below.
  • Do not add anything extra rather than this.

APN: Jionet

IP Type: IPv4

  • Keep the other fields empty and do not add anything extra to it.
  • All done, now save it and restart your phone.
  • Turn your Data Connection on and enjoy this awesome trick.

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  1. I’ve a Lumia 640XL (3G), I have an activated Jio Sim as well. I tried the APN settings, first my phone showed its highest speed to be 2G connection on Jio Sim but now it shows 3G.
    Will the Jio sim still work on my phone?
    Please help. My phone confirms that it has a Jio 4G sim card in it and the only thing is that I don’t have any signal right now.

  2. after using 4gb of data the speed reduced to 128 kbs and it is not changing to 4g data in lumia 550
    plz tell me how to change it.
    and i cannot make and get calls through it

  3. Your has working on my Lumia 920 but internet is working very slow speed of 50 to 70 kbps how to solve this problem help me friend please

  4. Tried all fixes provided in your post. But did not get jio network in lumia 550 . However, it works fine in j7. Any other solution ?

  5. my jio sim is working fine on android and i am having network with on my lumia 625 windows phone. i did all the things as u directed in ur post. apn name: jionet network type : ipv4 but no internet connection. why is that?

  6. I have tried the internet settings in my Lumia 640xl . I did everything instructed by you. My phone recognises 4g jio sim. But does not show any signal so plz help me.

  7. i use jio sim in samsung z2 4g phone but speed is too slow about 20-30 kbps.other people in my locality use jio with speed about 5mbps .please help me .its an emergency.

  8. In my Lumia 550 no network.
    I use an activated sim and also done pan jionet, ip type ipv4 but there is no network.plz solve it soon.

  9. I m using a lumia 535 running windows 10. It has 42 mbps speed but my activated jio sim is not working in my Lumia 535..
    Can i use it in my Lumia 535???????

  10. yee we not able to make call voice call in nokia 920
    what is the procedure to make voice call.
    if not able to call pls elaborate the issue