(Free JIO Sim)Official-Now Get Free JIO SIM with All Samsung,htc,LG,Micromax And Most 4G Devices(Latest Update)


Free JIO Sim

(Free JIO Sim)Official-Now Get Free JIO SIM with All Samsung,LG,htc, Micromax,Asus,Panasonic,Yu, 4G Devices(Updated List)

Hi Guys , Previously There is Only Hand Full samsung Devices is In The List to Get Free JIO SIM but Now JIO Comes With Biggest Bang !!!

Get Jio 4G Unlimited Net/Calling Sim For Free (Samsung Device Trick)

Now Mostly All samsung And Lg Devices Having 4G service is Getting Free JIO SIM Devices List Updated Below

This Reliance Jio 4G Preview Offer will be available for selected 4G Samsung smartphones And LG Devices (Described Below) and will let you enjoy unlimited Free Internet With Super Fast 4G, Free SMS, Free Calling , Free Video streaming and EveryThing Free and Jio Premium apps for 90 days/3 months.

This Is Official Announcement From Jio Site

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Here is Full Device List Which Will Get Free JIO SIM

Samsung Devices List For JIO Preview Offer

  • A8 VE,
  • Galaxy A3,
  • Galaxy A5,
  • Galaxy A5 2016,
  • Galaxy A5 Duos,
  • Galaxy A7,
  • Galaxy A7 2016,
  • Galaxy A8,
  • Galaxy Alpha,
  • Galaxy Core Prime,
  • Galaxy Grand Max,
  • Galaxy J max,
  • Galaxy J1 Ace,
  • Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace,
  • Galaxy J2,
  • Galaxy J2 (2016),
  • Galaxy J2 Pro,
  • Galaxy J3,
  • Galaxy J5,
  • Galaxy J5 (2016),
  • Galaxy J7,
  • Galaxy J7 (2016),
  • Galaxy K Zoom,
  • Galaxy Note 3,
  • Galaxy Note 4,
  • Galaxy Note 5,
  • Galaxy Note 5 Duos,
  • Galaxy Note 7,
  • Galaxy Note Edge,
  • Galaxy S 5 Plus,
  • Galaxy S4,
  • GALAXY S4 4G,
  • Galaxy S4,
  • Galaxy S5 Neo,
  • Galaxy S6,
  • Galaxy S6 Edge,
  • Galaxy S6 Edge Plus,
  • Galaxy S7,
  • Galaxy S7 Edge,
  • Grand Prime,
  • ON5,
  • ON5 Pro,
  • ON7 & ON7 Pro

LG Devices List For JIO Preview Offer

  • K332 (K7 LTE),
  • K520DY (Stylus 2),
  • K520DY,
  • H860 (LG G5),
  • K500I (X Screen),
  • K535D (Stylus 2 Plus),
  • LGH630D (G4 Stylus 4G) & LGH 442 (LGC70 Spirit LTE)

htc Devices List For JIO Preview Offer

  • Desire 626 dual Sim,
  • Desire 628,
  • Desire 630,
  • Desire 728 Dual SIM,
  • Desire 820,
  • Desire 820Q,
  • Desire 820S Dual Sim,
  • Desire 825,
  • Desire 826,
  • Desire 826 DS,
  • Desire 828 DS,
  • Desire 830,
  • Desire Eye,
  • HTC 10,
  • HTC 10 Life style,
  • One A9,
  • One E9 S dual sim,
  • One E9+ Dual Sim,
  • One M8,
  • One M8 Eye,
  • One M9 Plus,
  • One M9e,
  • One ME Dual Sim,
  • One X9

Asus Devices List For JIO Preview Offer

  • Asus ZenFone 2 Laser (ZE550KL),
  • Asus Zenfone 2 (ZE551ML),
  • Asus Zenfone Max (ZC550KL),
  • Asus Zenfone 2 Laser 5.0  (ZE500KL),
  • Asus Zenfone 2 (ZE550ML),
  • Asus Zenfone Selfie( ZD551KL),
  • Asus Zenfone 2 Laser (ZE601KL),
  • Asus Zenfone Zoom(ZX551ML),
  • Asus Zenfone Go 5.0 LTE (T500),
  • Asus Zenfone 3 ZE552KL,
  • Asus Zenfone 3 Laser( ZC551KL),
  • Asus Zenfone 3( ZE520KL),
  • Asus Zenfone 3( ZS570KL),
  • Asus Zenfone 3( ZU680KL)

Panasonic Devices List For JIO Preview Offer

  • Panasonic ELUGA L,
  • Panasonic ELUGA Switch,
  • Panasonic ELUGA Icon,
  • Panasonic T45,
  • Panasonic ELUGA I2 ( 1GB ),
  • Panasonic ELUGA L2,
  • Panasonic ELUGA Mark,
  • Panasonic ELUGA Turbo,
  • Panasonic ELUGA Arc,
  • Panasonic ELUGA I2 2GB,
  • Panasonic ELUGA I2 3GB,
  • Panasonic ELUGA I3,
  • Panasonic ELUGA Icon 2,
  • Panasonic ELUGA A2,
  • Panasonic ELUGA Note,
  • Panasonic P55 Novo 4G,
  • Panasonic ELUGA Arc 2,
  • Panasonic P77

Micromax Devices List For JIO Preview Offer

  • Canvas Pulse 4G,
  • Canvas Nitro 4G,
  • Canvas Knight 2,
  • Canvas 5,
  • Canvas Evok,
  • Canvas 6 Pro,
  • Canvas 6,
  • Canvas Blaze 4G,
  • Canvas Fire 4G,
  • Canvas Fire 4G plus,
  • Canvas Xpress 4G,
  • Canvas Blaze 4G Plus,
  • Canvas Pace 4G,
  • Canvas Mega 4G,
  • Bolt Selfie,
  • Canvas Mega 2,
  • Canvas Unite 4,
  • Canvas Fire 6,
  • Canvas Sliver 5,
  • Canvas Juice 4G,
  • Canvas 5 Lite,
  • Canvas 5 Lite Special Edition,
  • Unite 4 Pro,
  • Canvas Play 4G,
  • Canvas Amaze 4G,
  • Unite 4 Plus,
  • Canvas Tab

Yu Devices List For JIO Preview Offer

  • Yu Yuphoria,
  • Yu Yureka,
  • Yu Yutopia,
  • Yunique,
  • Yuphoria,
  • Yureka Plus,
  • YU Note,
  • Yureka S,
  • Yunicorn

Karbonn Devices List For JIO Preview Offer

  • Aura 1,
  • Aura Power,
  • Quattro L45 IPS,
  • Quattro L50 HD,
  • Quattro L51 HD,
  • Quattro L52 VR,
  • Quattro L55 HD

LAVA Devices List For JIO Preview Offer

  • A71,
  • A72,
  • A76,
  • A76 Plus,
  • A88,
  • A89,
  • A97,
  • Ivory s 4g,
  • Lava V5 M,
  • Pixel V2,
  • V2s,
  • X10,
  • X11,
  • X12,
  • X17,
  • X28,
  • X38,
  • X41,
  • X41 Plus,
  • X46,
  • X50,
  • X50 Plus,
  • X81

XOLO Devices List For JIO Preview Offer

  • Black-1X M,
  • era 1X,
  • era 2X,
  • era 4G,
  • era 4K,
  • era X

Gionee Devices List For JIO Preview Offer

  • E8,
  • F103 Pro,
  • F103(1GB),
  • F103(2GB),
  • F103(3GB),
  • M4,
  • M5,
  • M5 Lite,
  • M5 Lite CDMA,
  • M5 Plus,
  • P5L,
  • S Plus,
  • S6,
  • S6s,
  • S7,
  • V6L

Videocon Devices List For JIO Preview Offer

  • Videocon Graphite1 V45ED,
  • Videocon Krypton 3 V50JG,
  •  Videocon Q1,
  • Videocon V50FA3,
  • Videocon V50FG6

Sansui Devices List For JIO Preview Offer

  • Sansui S50 FD45S

Lenovo Devices List For JIO Preview Offer

  • All Lenovo 3G and 4G Phones are Now Included

Motorola Devices List For JIO Preview Offer

  • All Motorola 4G Devices are Now Included

Here Is How to Generate Bracode and Get Free JIO SIM With Samsung/ LG Devices

  1. First Of All you Have  to download the MyJio app on any of Above Given eligible Samsung smartphones.

2. Now Open The app and check if the offer is available in your location

Get Jio 4G Unlimited Net/Calling Sim For Free (Samsung Device Trick)

3. Now You Need to generate the offer code, which includes a bar code,

Get Jio 4G Unlimited Net/Calling Sim For Free (Samsung Device Trick)

4. After That choose identity and address proof that you are going to submit To Offline Store

5. Done !!! 🙂

Get Jio 4G Unlimited Net/Calling Sim For Free (Samsung Device Trick)

6. Go to Nearby Reliance Digital Store and collect your Free JIO 4G SIM at a Reliance Digital or Dx Mini Store after submitting the identity, address proof and your photograph.

Now How to Activate JIO 4G SIM in Samsung Devices

One you Got the SIM, Just insert that JIO 4G SIM in your Samsung phone,

Then you need to dial 1977 to activate your Jio SIM through tele-verification.

You will receive message on your mobile number and your email ID once the activation is complete.

That’s It This is Dream 4G start For Samsung Users, Now you thinking about Non Samsung Users Here what you can Try

So Samsung 4G Devices You Got Beast !! Enjoy Super Fast Free JIO 4G and welcome In Club Of Free JIO SIM Users.. 🙂

Non Samsung Users Try This Trick To Get Free Jio SIM All Devices

(Free JIO Sim)Official-Now Get Free JIO SIM with All Samsung and LG 4G Devices(Updated List)


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  1. Bro if i generate barcode from samsung grand max …… will i be able to activate sim from my asus 2?
    And if activate it from the same samsung device …..will i be able to use in any other handset?

  2. My mobile is j7 2016.iam already got coupon code by using trick.But i didnt get sim.Today i went to jio store and they gave me jio sim.But When i open my jio app it shows get jio sim and when open it shows old coupon code expiring on 8 august.my doubt is jio sim can activate.I am already gave the proofs.is it activate. pls help

  3. Jiske nam pe phn kharida tha uska address and identity prof chaiye?mera dad ke nam pe mobile kharida tha.kiya mera identity prof ya dad ka kekar jana hoga?

  4. Please Anyone help me I am realy Tensed I have putted my Name at the time of Putting details in My jio app but I am not 18+ so I have to take the Sim on My Mom name and id so please tell me Is Cause any problem or Not. ….

  5. Samsung galaxy E7 is not in your list this model is high range smartphone then add this model in your list for jio preview offer

  6. Is i n3ed to download the 8-10 apps after downloading my jio app in my core prime mobile?!??Or i have ti just need the code generate

  7. I have samsung on 7.have i to generate the code by downloading jio app?i see above comment that you say dont need to download who has listed mobile.then who have to download my jio app?

  8. Why I am failing to generate Barcode in my Samsung J3 (4G)?
    I tried 100 times….but failed….plz tell me the process to get Barcode???

  9. mujhe jio ka sim mil gya sir or mere pass grand prime hai ! Mene sbkuch kar liya par me net use nhi ho rha only jio ka app open ho rha hai ?

  10. Bro if i got sim from a samsung device..
    Will i be able to activate in htc 620g device 3G…… and will it work on it…
    Can i get atleast 3G speed on my htc

    One more question can i again take my SAME samsung device to another store to get the a new sim?

  11. Bro if i got sim from a samsung device..
    Will i be able to activate in htc 620g device 3G…… and will it work on it…
    Can i get atleast 3G speed on my htc

    One more question can i again take my SAME samsung device to another store to get the a new sim?

  12. Sir You are telling Wrong I am a j2 User and on Reliance Store They asked me to generate the Code and Even I Confirmed from jio Customer support and they told that for all the Samsung Set have to generate Code on My jio app and it is Compulsory to get jio Sim. If u are Still not bleiving Me Check the Steps for getting Jio sim in Samsung .https://www.jio.com/preview/partner

  13. Hello main code xolo black pe generate kiya air sim bhi liya telex edification ka msg bhi mi par jab sim mobile me dalata hu to NO Service dikhai deta hi /Range nahi aa rahi

  14. Hello main code xolo black pe generate kiya air sim bhi liya telex edification ka msg bhi mi par jab sim mobile me dalata hu to NO Service dikhai deta hi /Range nahi aa rahi..

  15. Hi I have Galaxy J5 my code is expired because i generated by using 10 apps trick but couldn’t get the sim can i get now ?

  16. Hi bro I got the sim but my 4g phone is coming next month. So can I use it next month. Means I think its my choice naa to activate any day even after one month? Or I will get expire ?

  17. bhai mera jio coupon codr expired ho gya he 18 aug ko aur muze phir coupon code generate karna he tho kaise kare mene try kiya tha tho expired wala code hi ata he. plz tell procedure again generate code in my redmi note 3

  18. I got code for jio sim from j7,is it compulsory to activate the sim in that same j7?
    I have coolpad dazen 1 which support 4g but not volte,jio sim will work or not??

  19. I have my friends Samsung Galaxy j7 device which is 4g. I have buy the sim by showing the phone. But now I want to use the sim in karbonn titanium s5 which is 3g. So can I activate the sim through karbonn device.

  20. i have got the sim 22/8/2016 . but this jio sim is not activated can u tell me that which date this my jio sim activated plz tell me

  21. Sir some shopkeeper giving jio sim but they don’t know about this offer can i buy from there? l it work on lenovo k4 note ?

  22. Hey,i activated jio sim and put into my mobile coolpad dazen 1 but the net is not working, just showing tower .In my lyf and samsung mobile it is working perfectly but not in dazen 1 ..
    Please help mee….

  23. My coupon code expired on 7 aug which is generated on 21 july i think.My tension is that is they give me a jio sim and though they give me a jio sim is it activate and works well.My device is j7 16.Pls help

  24. bro I have xolo era x and I’m successfully generated barcode ,but I have one doubt do I need to submit Id proof that have same as the name we enter in verification step in myjio app? or anything is fine?

  25. I have got the sim for yureka yesterday & today i got sms of my order number. But there is no network in sim so should i wait or do something?

  26. Hi sir.. ur doing great work.. clearing all clarifications. . One help. .I am.using samsung galaxy A5 2015 model .. I got the coupon and it got expired on 31 July. . How to get the sim now ?? Where k went to the store they told it cannot be activated.. of it is expired plz help me .. thanks in advance

  27. i generated the code from samsung e7 and got the sim saying i had gererated in a5 can i use it in xiomi redmi to activate.or i have to activate it in e7

  28. :
    bro mere pass j7 6 model he but mera code expired ho gya he and mene j2 ke bardcode lekar sim liya he to mere j7 me vo sime use ho sakta he ya nai???

  29. But it is showing that Samsung galaxy e7 is a 4g phone if you google but still preview offer is not showing when I downloaded the app . Can I get sim from reliance digital store????

    • Hi Vivek, Download MyJIO app From Playstore, Generate The Barcode , go to Nearest JIO store , show them BARCODE and Identity Proof, They will Give You FREE JIO SIM, Enjoy

  30. Sir i have a Lenovo k4 note but sir how to connect jio sim at lte mode because in stting i saw only lte/wcdma/gsm options .how to connect only in lte mode

  31. I have generated the code earlier cause my friend had got the sim before then when I went to the store they refused
    Now when I try to get the code there is a code with a redeemed banner on it
    I cannot get the code

    I and my friend both have redmi note 3

  32. I have generated the code earlier cause my friend had got the sim before then they refused to give the sim
    Now when I try to get the code it had a redeemed banner the expiry of the code was 18 Aug
    Me and my friend both have redmi note 3
    Now how can I get the code

  33. Hello i get sim from my friend samsung j2 device barcode he don’t need sim.

    Can i use it in my 4g device which is not in this offer

  34. hi…john cena…I also have samsung galaxy E7 but I can’t see get jio sim written over there even after downloading all jio apps…how can I get my barcode…plz help me..

  35. Bro I have xolo black which also support 4g but jio did not mention it in device list so when I insert reliance Jio activated sim.it shows no signal could you help me to know that reliance Jio service will work in xolo black or I have to buy new phone for this

  36. Thanks Bro For Ur Support And i want know that i got the sim on 6 days Ago but till not get the network in sim when its goes for activate???

  37. Bro i have generated the barcode from my redmi 3s prime and got the sim which is not activated till now.but i had to replace my phone due to some technical problem.so can i activate the sim from new phone??please tell

  38. sir, mera phone grand prime LTE hai mene bar code nikala or mujhe sim vi mil gya ! Par mera phone VOLTE nhi hai me tele verification kese karu ? Plz help ye big problam hah 4G to hai par VOLTE nhi hai

  39. I have galaxy grand max.When I opened my jio app there was no option for get jio sim so i asked cc then they said that ur phone is not eligible.
    Note:My phone is listed in your list above

  40. I am using samsung s6. I have generated thed code and barcode before some weeks. Now it is expired .
    Is i get free sim with expired code or what i want to do….

  41. Iam using s6 edge. I had taken barcode and code for free jio sim before weeks.
    Now it had expired. Can i get free sim using it. Or else What i do to get it free

  42. Hi I got sim and received order number but not yet activated.. Today its been 3 days, I opened myjio app today and it show me get jio sim again. When I tap it lead to me new window about accepting terms n condition for barcode.. I did not go ahead n close app.. Why this happpen? My application is rejected or what? Bcoz if I accept terms n condition I will get new code, why is this happen? Or I sud wait till activation?
    Plz help me out.

  43. Hi I got jio sim and got order number message 3 days back, yet not activated sim for YU yureka phone. Suddenly today when I opened myjio app, it shows me get jio sim option, when I tap it, it opens another window about terms n condition for getting code. I did not press that and close the app.. My concern is if I will tap that it will make new code I guess, why it should occur? Bcoz i already used my code for getting sim, than why it happned? My form is rejected or what? Or should I wait till activation?
    Plz reply

  44. Comment:- hii sir my cell phone E7 samgsung 4G made in maskat (Arb state) i am lived in india’ and your joi company does not available in india plz help me

      • Sir Can I get Reliance Gio Sim Unlimited offer without generated any bar code in all 4G LTE device?
        2)Sir Ihave Gione F103 2GB (Ram)
        Android version 6 handset.
        Ihave got Gio Sim after Generated Gio Sim. Is bar code essential for unlimited offer?
        3)And My Dad has Oppo F1 handset.
        Ihave generated bar code.
        Now Store says non Samsung device
        Like Sony xperia Oppo
        Vivo does not need any bar code
        So What will Idol?

  45. I download jio app but when i enter the option “get jio sim” it says “our system couldnt perform your transaction” can any 1 pliz suggess me a solution of it???

  46. Bhai agar mane promo code gionee f103 se genrate kiya h tho kya me sim apne leeco le2 me activate kr skta hu or kya wo ulimated offer rahega please rply bhai

  47. Hlo sir, my phone is coolpad dazen1.. I can’t get Barcode when I install my jio app it doesn’t show get jio sim…..the offer is not for coolpad coz it is also 4G.then how will get Barcode n he will I use it

  48. sir my salf monotosh.sir your side is very good.sir my phon micromax canvas juce4 it is a 3g phon.sir i can used gio sim.so sir what i do.plz help me and sir plz sant me the gio app link.and sir what i do plz help me.if you helpme i shall e very happy.

  49. Hi @john cena i have an doubt i buy an jio sim with an expired barcode can it work on my samsung galaxy j7 please and hurry bro

  50. hello bro, I am generated code on my yunique device,and I am get a sim,but after the 2 says,my jio app showing different barcode than the previous barcode,i am availed sim card already on old barcode,after the 4 days sim card not get activated..this thing created problem(barcode) and my question was if sim card not activated till the expiry date of barcode what happens??my sim was not activated after that??

  51. I installed version 3.02.05 and get the barcode from it on my Coolpad note 3 lite can I get the sim now and in how much days it will take to activate it

  52. I have deposited all requirements for jio sim in howrah before seven days. For J7 but stillnow don’t received any massage. what to do ?

  53. I hv galaxy grand prime….can i use jio 4G there in all featurs of 4G phone and myjio app supported its need number of jio or id…should i purchase or not?? Bcz i will purchase on the condition if my phone support jio…..can u tell me how to know…..my phone support or not

  54. I hv galaxy grand prime….can i use jio 4G there in all featurs of 4G phone and myjio app supported its need number of jio or id…should i purchase or not?? Bcz i will purchase on the condition if my phone support jio…..can u tell me how to know…..my phone support or not………

  55. i am using unite 2 mediatek set. when i change network type in android settings its reverting back to wcdma preffered. plzz help me bro.. any fix for it??? actually i am nt using the jio sim now. do i have to insert the sim and change the network preferene????

  56. I have lenovo a6000 plus. I got sim on 26 august and it is not activated till today its 2nd september today . Its showing no service. What can i do . 7 din ho gye.

  57. Will jio sim work on L.G. Nexus 5?
    Though it is a 4G device but it is not mentioned on the list.
    But it is definitely 4G supported.
    Although its been 6 days i got my free jio sim….still waiting for its activation.
    When will it be activated?

  58. My phn is lenovo k3 note.I have installed my jio app but I didn’t get ‘get jio sim’ banner in the app.What should I do?How can I generate the bar code?

  59. I’m owning LG NEXUS 5 4G I have downloaded all jio apps but I did not get the option as “get jio SIM” so please give some solution

  60. Sir i have xolo black.. so how to get sim for my mobile.. and apart from this..if i generate bar code from like samsung so can i use it in my xolo black.. i wannttt ittt.. plz help help help

  61. I have received the televerification sms but i dont have the sim right now . I will get it by 5sep . Will my sim be deactivated ??plz ans meh

  62. Hey bro i am having Samsung J2 pro 2016 and this is recently purchased and i have download the my jio app from paly store but still not get the option for bar code generate or get my jio sim option and i have reinstall the app many times so please help so that i can also use 4G sim in my phone pls.

  63. I have used samsung galaxy core prime. I have installed all the apps but I can’t get bar code.please give me the solution to get bar code.

  64. I have expired code in my vivo v3, i get the jio sim card by giving my expired code, will reliance activate my sim or not? Or i have to manage from friends jio sim?

  65. Hi im using asus zenfone max but am still not getting the “get jio sim” offer whilst opening myjio app.My phone is 4g enabled b0ut still im not able to get this offer.Plz help

  66. i m an user of samsung grand max..i also got the message to tele verify my jio sim but when i inserted the jio its shows only emergency calls only…so wht should i do now…

  67. I am using Lenono A6000 .My Handset supports 4G . I installed My Jio app in my mobile buy “Get Jio SIM” option is not coming after opening the app. Please august what should I do .

  68. I have Sony c5 ultra from dubai I can get jio dim I download all app but get jio sim option not show. Help me sir. what’s wring

  69. sir in your article you mentioned “SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND MAX” is a 4g device when i insert ji sim into it it not show the signal when i insert the sim into another device like “LENOVO VIBE K5” it showing the signal can you help me to slove this problem sir

  70. Hi sir , Jio sim not supported my mobile ( xolo black ) I am so confuse my mobile is 4g but doesn’t support Jio sim plz help me sir , I had my Jio app downloaded but Jio barcode doesn’t showing my mobile screen help me & solve my problem

  71. Hello Sir
    I have a Lenovo S850 (3g)
    I can get the Sim
    Bug from which mobile should I activate the Jio sim from 3g or 4g!
    My uncle got J7 with a jio ready
    But he didn’t gave me
    Please can you provide me a full guide to use Jio Sim in my Lenovo S 850

  72. please upload a video for unite 2. i am unable to change network preffered type to lte,it automatically reverts to wcdma preffered. plzz help

  73. Hello Sir,I just bought Vivo V3 On 7th of September I am trying to get bar code but I can’t I tried every trick but it’s not working I installed all jio apps,i used all tricks n ways I came to know but it’s still not working there is no option get jio sim anywhere Plz guide me what should I do.

  74. I generated barcode..with this barcode I went to a reliance store…they started the process but at the time of scanning it showed that my barcode has been used earlier…but I didn’t use that barcode anywhere…they said me to purchase a new device …but my asus mobile set is just one month old…so what should I do??? Please guide

  75. Comment:my bar code is reemded nd I use Samsung j7
    so how i can get jio sim sir nd urs store keepers saying the server do the prblm so came 4 days 5 days
    I want jio sim

  76. sir.
    signals aa Jane ke kitne duration m sim activate ho skti h, and
    imei barcode based sim card can I activate other 3g handset? Max sites says not possible to activate,
    need appropriate answer.

  77. Sir jio sim is appllicable or not for samsung galaxy tab A it is 4g tab . I can not get barcode instead of downloading all jio apps please reply answer sir

  78. I got the barcode from a j7 phone
    Bt i insert the sim in my htc m8 phone bt it is rooted and the my jio apl is not opening
    Bt i have the sim i got today will it run on it ?

  79. Hii..bro
    I have samsung note 3 neo , can i use jio sim in my phone
    And how to check the phone is mediatek chipset device or not
    Please Help me

  80. bro m using samsung galaxy e7 4g phone frm uae. but wen i open my jio app its showing upgrde to true 4g mobile. in my mobile setting its shows lte/wcdma/2g option but still not getting d barcodem

  81. I have one jio sim I got televerification msg 3days ago but still my jio sim network is not working (no network bar) what should I do?

  82. I have downloade my jio app and get barcode but I went jip shop they say your coupon is already use .how is possible.
    Please help me sir

  83. Comment:can i use it in Samsung core prime 3G, i have loaded the jio app it showes that upgrade your smartphone. Then what i shuold do

  84. i have samsung s4.when i insert jio sim shows signal bt cant connect mobile data.when i try to call to jio number reply was switch off.The same sim working on another 4g mobiles,mobile data also

  85. I just want to know as earlier asked by Mr. Inderjeet Singh that SM-G7202 is 4G or not, you answered that “SM-G7202 means Your device is Samsung Galaxy grand Max and Yes it will support”, let me know the process to activate the sim with same device.

  86. need help..
    i got my jio sim by generating cupon in my samsung galaxy grand max SM-G7202. but im not getting any jio signal..

  87. helo bai mere pass galaxy grand prime G530h 3g pn. heh me usmeh jio sim use kr skta hu plz tell me bro ager ap mere whtsapp no. per msg kr kay bta de geh toh i wil.very much thks about for my cell no. is 8288879582