[Updated] Amazon Hike Loot Product Suggestion-May’16



Amazon Hike Loot Product Suggestion :

Hi readers, We All looted Hike  amazon very Much Now its time for redeem from last few days we are getting many requests on WhatsApp and facebook for amazon product suggestion.

I think most of you looted many amazon gift vouchers of Rs.50 from Hike and most of them were thinking what i do with these vouchers when amazon blocked multiple vouchers adding trick.

so by this post we gonna give you best amazon products suggestions that are under Rs.50 or near to Rs.50 and you may need to pay some bucks fro some products.
As you know amazon may remove items from store / change price within no time so, suggestions added below may expire at any time and COOLZTRICKS will maximum try to update these changes / add new suggestions.

[Updated] Amazon Hike Loot Product Suggestion-May'16

We mention below that some items won’t have shipping charges or may available and please try to understand that the delivery charges and availability may change from place to placE

Amazon Hike Product Suggestions : 

Currently amazon providing a limited period offer : Free delivery on books fulfilled by amazon.So, you can buy any amazon fulfilled under Rs.50 for free without giving delivery charges using hike amazon gift voucher.

Currently there are many colouring books that are under Rs.50 and you can buy these for FREE. so, firstly we check out these colouring books

Availability / Shipping / Price Of Above Products may Change At Any Time
This is the book available with least price on amazon with free delivery. Price of this book changes frequently. If this item is available [currently available] then you can add any fulfilled item for the remaining amount Of Rs.23 for making cart value of Rs.50 and can buy it for free by avoiding shipping charges. Below i will add some combinations for this product.


Best Product Combinations For General Knowledge 2017 :

1. ACT II Microwave Butter Popcorn, 33g – Rs.22 [ For Free]

2. Nimble Organics Mustard Yellow (Sarasoon) 50g – Rs.22 [ For Free]

3. Nimble Organics Mustard Black (Sarasoon) 50g – Rs.19 [ For Free]

4. Catch Sprinkler Sendha Salt, 100g – Rs.15 [ For Free]

5. Kissan Mixed Fruit Jam Tub 100g – Rs.23 [ For Free]

         Check Here For More Food Items : Click Here


6. Ujala Crisp and Shine Floral Fusion – 100 g – Rs.25 [At Rs.2]

7. Ujala Crisp and Shine Fresh Blossom – 100 g – Rs.25 [At Rs.2]

8. Colgate Wave Gum Comfort Toothbrush  – Rs.30 [At Rs.7]

9. Colgate Cibaca Super FH Toothbrush  – Rs.30 [At Rs.7]


Other Amazon Product Suggestions :

P.S : Deliver Charge may Change / Product May Not Available At Your Place. Just try it

1. Harpic Powerplus Original, 200 ml At Rs.29 + Free Delivery2. Dabur Red Paste – 100 g At Rs.47 + Free Delivery

3. Lux International Creamy White Soap Bar 75gm At Rs.26 + Free Delivery

4. Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine Shampoo 80ml At Rs.47 + Free Delivery

5. Sunsilk Smooth and Tangle Black Conditioner, 40ml At Rs.34 + Free Delivery

Best Amazon Hike Suggestions :

P.S : Below Mentioned Product Amounts Are In The Manner : (Product Price + Delivery Charges – Rs.50)

1. USB OTG On-The-Go Cable for Connecting USB Devices for Mobiles and Tablets At Rs.4


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  1. hey mahir bro nice best amazon product suggestion i really like coolztricks website also i am regular visiter of coolzdeals. I really appreciate your hard work

  2. hey mahir bro nice best amazon product suggestion i really like coolztricks website also i am regular visiter of coolzdeals. I really appreciate your admins hard work.. keep it up